11) detail tree mosaic

Tree Mosaic, Step by Step 4

                Step one: prepare your fibre cement board with bonding agent Step Two, choose your ceramic leaf pieces, and mark out frame area. Drill two holes for strong cord, so you can hang the finished mosaic, if you want to. Step 3 Sketch […]

Mermaids in ceramics

Sorry it has been so long since I wrote a blog post,  things have been pretty crazy (in a good way).  I may have forgotten how to write and publish blogs so  I am doing a quick post on Mermaids, as practice, before a more serious and new blog post […]

double mermaid platter

Water surface Mosaic on Mesh after installation

How to Mosaic on Mesh 13

Sometimes,  it is easier to mosaic on mesh first, rather than directly onto the substrate. I buy my mesh from a Tile shop. Then, once I have my design idea drawn onto the mesh, I apply a watered down  glue to the back of the tile and stick down on […]